Posted by:admin Posted on:Apr 25,2015
Most Linux kernel code isn’t developed by who you might think. Here’s a closer look at why this matters. If you think that Linux is still the
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Posted by:admin Posted on:Aug 11,2012
An introduction to a new Linux blogger at Network World. When big companies (and small ones) talk about their “target demographic” – they
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Posted by:admin Posted on:May 29,2012
However, Apache's download stats might not tell the whole story Nearly 9 out of 10 downloads of the new version of OpenOffice have been for
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Posted by:admin Posted on:Apr 4,2012
Microsoft's work on the Hyper-V driver accounted for a significant chunk of recent Linux kernel development For the first time ever, and probably
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Posted by:admin Posted on:Mar 19,2012
Best Microsoft MCTS Certification, Microsoft MCITP Training at Networking, new hardware support and Android re-integration
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Posted by:admin Posted on:Oct 24,2011
Microsoft has finally forked a way to kill its smaller rival, Linux from the PC / desktop segment. Since most PCs are only designed to run Windows,
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