Posted by:admin Posted on:Apr 16,2015
Five years ago Friday, April 3, 2010, the first Apple iPads were delivered to the public. April 3, 2010 Tablets had always flopped so there was
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Posted by:admin Posted on:Apr 1,2014
New CEO Satya Nadella comes out swinging on 'cloud first, mobile first' strategy As expected, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella today hosted a press
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Posted by:admin Posted on:Nov 20,2013
These start-ups are focusing on security in cloud services and mobile devices Going into 2014, a whirlwind of security start-ups are looking to
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Posted by:admin Posted on:Sep 27,2012
A survey of developers shows that their interest is in iOS, while Android and Windows 8 get mixed reviews A just-released survey of more than
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