C8010-450 IBM Watson Customer Engagement: Watson Marketing

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Number of questions: 59
Number of questions to pass: 41
Time allowed: 90 mins

This multiple-choice test contains questions requiring single and multiple answers. For multiple-answer questions, you need to choose all required options to get the answer correct. You will be advised how many options make up the correct answer.
This test is designed to provide diagnostic feedback on the Examination Score Report, correlating back to the test objectives, informing the test taker how he or she did on each section of the test. As a result, to maintain the integrity of each test, questions and answers are not distributed.

The test contains five sections totalling 59 multiple-choice questions. The percentages after each section title reflect the approximate distribution of the total question set across the sections.

Section 1 – Architecture 12%
Understand IBM Campaign architecture components
Understand the criteria for software requirements
Understand network requirements for IBM Campaign
Demonstrate knowledge of contact and response history administration, and Cognos reporting

Section 2 – Installation 14%
Understand installation of IBM Marketing Platform and IBM Campaign applications, and their supporting structures (including distributed environments).
Understand the components of a successful installation (UNIX or Windows)
Demonstrate knowledge of upgrade processes, including awareness of upgrade paths
Understand the related Cognos components and how they impact IBM Campaign reporting

Section 3 – Configuration and Customization 27%
Illustrate how to set up different authorization mechanisms
Explain how to manage and access user databases within IBM Campaign
Demonstrate knowledge of setting up security, user roles and policies for IBM Campaign objects
Demonstrate knowledge of standard and custom attributes in IBM Campaign
Configure custom audience levels, and setup contact and response history
Demonstrate ability to configure dashboards
Understand integration between IBM Campaign and other IBM Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) products
Demonstrate knowledge of character encoding for multiple locales and databases

Section 4 – Functionality and Campaign Development 35%
Illustrate how database table administration functions in IBM Campaign (e.g. table mapping, flat files, base/dimension/general tables, table catalogs)
Configure IBM Campaign processes to build a flowchart
Create offers and apply them to campaigns
Configure the scheduler and schedule IBM Campaign flowcharts
Explain uses and benefits of custom macro
Explain uses and benefits of user variables
Explain uses and benefits of derived fields and persistent derived fields
Explain uses and benefits of triggers
Explain uses and benefits of flowchart templates
Understand reporting
Understand internal workings of cells and flowcharts

Section 5 – Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning 12%
Understand and configure logging
Demonstrate knowledge of IBM Campaign utilities
Demonstrate the ability to isolate performance issues

PartnerWorld Code: 33000102
Replaces PW Code: 33000101

Status: Live
This intermediate level certification is intended for IBM Campaign V9.1 power users (or key users), as well as specialists responsible for planning, installing, configuring, troubleshooting the product.

These technical professionals are also required to have conceptual understanding of different:
Operating Systems (Microsoft Windows, UNIX, Linux)
Databases (DB2, Netezza, SQL server, Teradata, Oracle)
Application Servers (WebSphere, WebLogic)

Recommended Prerequisite Skills

Before preparing for this certification, understanding of the following is recommended and assumed:
basic OS scripting
basic web Application Server knowledge
basic system security authentication and authorization (HTTPS, security certificates, single sign-on, LDAP, active directory)
intermediate database administration skills
write queries, triggers, procedures

In preparing for this certification, the following IBM courses are recommended to further improve your skills. Refer to the Test Preparation web page for additional information and recommendations.
9U01G: IBM Building Campaigns 9.x
9U05G: IBM Campaign 9.x Administration
9U21G: IBM Campaign Advanced Techniques 9.x

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