C5050-063 Rational UrbanCode Release

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Test information:
Number of questions: 50
Time allowed in minutes: 75
Required passing score: 70%
Languages: English, Japanese

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IBM Certified Deployment Professional – Rational UrbanCode Release

The test consists of 5 sections containing a total of approximately 55 multiple-choice questions. The percentages after each section reflect the approximate distribution of the total question set across the sections.

Section 1: Elements of a Release (30%)
Identify Teams, Lifecycles and phases and how they relate to releases
Identify Initiatives, projects and epics in UC Release
Identify Release Environments and how they are associated to applications and phases
Recognize changes and how they are tracked by UC Release
Identify Release Versions and their components and properties

Section 2: Release Planning and Execution Concepts (13%)
Use Deployment Plans in UC Release
Use Lifecycles and Phases in UC Release

Section 3: UrbanCode Release Overview (17%)
Describe the tasks necessary to implement a release coordination solution
Identify the capabilities of UrbanCode Release that address the challenges that customers deal with in software development
Describe the challenges encountered when planning and executing a major software release and how UrbanCode Release addresses them

Section 4: UrbanCode Release Pipeline (25%)
Use the UrbanCode Release UI to add a Version to an Application and show details with the Version dialog
Schedule and execute a deployment with UC Release
Identify the purpose of the UC Release pipeline and integration with UC Deploy
Revert an environment to a previous state
Apply and understand Version color coding in the UrbanCode Release pipeline

Section 5: UrbanCode Release and Deploy Integration (15%)
Configure an integration provider in UC Release
Identify the association of Release Environment in UC Release with Application Environments in UC Deploy
Recognize concepts shared between UC Deploy and UC Release

Application Environment

Job Role Description / Target Audience
This certification targets intermediate level Deployment Professionals who manage the release of complex interdependent applications, infrastructure changes, and simultaneous deployments of multiple applications. This Deployment Professional can plan, execute, and track a release through every stage of the lifecycle model.

The Deployment Professional should have an intermediate level of knowledge of UrbanCode Release and a firm understanding of how UrbanCode Release can be implemented in a small and simple environment as well as a large and complex environment. The Deployment Professional can train, tutor and mentor IBM customers in the installation, configuration and ongoing use of UrbanCode Release. The Deployment Professional can perform most of these tasks independently and may require some assistance from peers and vendor support services.

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