C5050-300 Foundations of IBM DevOps V1

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Test information:
Number of questions: 61
Time allowed in minutes: 90
Required passing score: 70%
Languages: English, Japanese

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IBM Certified Solution Advisor – DevOps V1

Section 1 – DevOps Principles
Define DevOps
Summarize different development approaches
Explain and identify delivery pipelines
Explain lean principles
Explain DevOps practices
Describe Collaborative Development
Describe Continuous Integration
Describe Continuous Delivery
Describe Continuous Deployment
Describe Continuous Availability / Service Management / Monitoring
Describe Continuous Security / Security for DevOps
Explain Shift-Left Test /Continuous Test
Explain Shift Left Ops
Explain Multi-speed IT
Explain Continuous Feedback
Explain the implications of the �12 Factor app� design principles for DevOps
ITIL and DevOps

Section 2 – Adopting DevOps
Describe business and IT drivers of DevOps
Explain the barriers to adoption of DevOps
Explain how to build a roadmap for DevOps adoption
Explain how to adopt DevOps in Multi-speed IT environment
Explain other continuous improvement approaches
Illustrate the cultural & organizational differences when transforming from traditional to DevOps processes
Explain the benefits of Design Thinking for DevOps process adoption

Section 3 – IBM DevOps Reference Architecture & Methods
Describe IBM DevOps Reference Architecture pattern
Explain the IBM point of view on DevOps
Explain DevOps for Microservices
Explain DevOps for Cloud Native
Explain DevOps for Cloud Ready
Explain Cloud Service Management Operations
Describe the IBM Bluemix Garage Method
Define and identify the common components of a DevOps Tool chain
Describe the key architectural decisions made to adopt DevOps
Describe the concepts of Software Defined Environments

Section 4 – Open Standards, Open Source & Other Common Components of DevOps
Identify tools for Build & Deploy
Identify other common tools and their uses
Describe common container technology
Explain the applicability of open standards for DevOps

Section 5 – IBM Solution for DevOps
Describe the IBM solutions for the THINK phase in DevOps
Describe the IBM solutions for the CODE phase in DevOps
Describe the IBM solutions for the DELIVER phase in DevOps
Describe the IBM solutions for the RUN phase in DevOps
Describe the IBM solutions for the MANAGE phase in DevOps
Describe the IBM solutions for the LEARN phase in DevOps
Describe the IBM solutions for the CULTURE phase in DevOps
Describe the IBM solutions for Security in DevOps
Describe the IBM solutions for transformation and connectivity in DevOps
IBM Certified Solution Advisor – DevOps V1

Job Role Description / Target Audience
An IBM Certified Solution Advisor – DevOps V1 is a person who can clearly explain the benefits and underlying concepts of DevOps, and has practical experience of implementing DevOps processes and solutions for clients. They can advise stakeholders on how to adopt DevOps, how to overcome barriers, and how to realize the business benefits of DevOps. They can also demonstrate how the leading industry, Open and IBM solution offerings can help customers realize these benefits.

Key areas of competency include:
Clearly articulate the benefits of DevOps for driving business agility and continuous innovation.
Advise stakeholders on how to remove barriers to the adoption of DevOps, and implement organizational change and continual process improvement.
Have a deep working experience of Continuous delivery (integration, delivery, collaboration, innovation) practices.
Experience of application development lifecycle, operational methods, SCM, version control and common tooling for cloud-ready and cloud-native application development.
Working knowledge of development, test automation and virtualization, deployment, and operational best practices.
Understand the IBM DevOps reference architecture patterns, and can apply them to DevOps solutions.
Recommend the best approach, tooling and consumption models (on premises / public / SaaS) across the IBM solution portfolio (and leading open toolchain components).

Recommended Prerequisite Skills

The following qualifications are requirements for success:
Advanced knowledge of DevOps principles, practices, and development approaches
Advanced experience of Continuous delivery (integration, delivery, collaboration, innovation) practices.
Working knowledge of the IBM DevOps Reference Architecture and associated adoption patterns.
Working knowledge of tooling and consumption models (on-premises / public / SaaS) from the IBM DevOps portfolio.
Working knowledge of the IBM DevOps solution offerings.

This certification requires 1 test(s).

Which type of tests are designed to verify that security features such as authentication and logout work as expected?

A. build verification
B. network vulnerability
C. functional security
D. synthetic user

Answer: B

When long lived source control management (SCM) branches are merged, significant amounts of network can be required to resolve code conflicts. Which DevOps practice addresses this problem?

A. continuous integration
B. test-driven development
C. A/B testing
D. continuous deployment

Answer: B

What are two key metrics for cloud native applications? (Choose two.)

A. performance
B. stability
C. mean time between failures (MTBF)
D. first failure data capture (FFDC)
E. speed of change

Answer: A,E

Explanation: References:

Which volume of the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) should be an integral part of every stage of the ITIL service management framework?

A. ITILService Design
B. ITIL Service Operations
C. ITIL Continual Service Improvement
D. ITIL Service Strategy

Answer: C

Explanation: References:

How does adopting DevOps help improve insight into the real value of applications?

A. by using mean time between failure (MTBF) metrics
B. by using customer feedback
C. by using usage statistics for cloud native applications
D. by using analytical analysis for return on investment (ROI) calculations

Answer: A

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