VERITAS Backup Recovery Tool: A Solution Which is Multi Faced

Posted Posted on:Mar 13,2013

VERITAS backup facility is provided by the Symantec group for backup process to be more systematic and reliable. If you are a user who regularly backup all your data and store them in the BKF file created by VERITAS utility, then you will once or other time had faced the situation of data inaccessibility with the backup data.

The data corruption that leads to the BKF file inaccessibility may happen due to many reasons like
• Virus attack
• Trojan infection
• Improper shutdown of application used
• Backup interruptions
• Software malfunctioning
• CRC error
• Missing catalog file
• Hard drive crash
• Windows backup software error


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Any of the above and other unlisted reasons can be reason for BKF file corruption. The BKF files once corrupted cannot be used or accessed normally.

The importance of backup file is known to any user and the user with higher concern about data security and who know the limitations with NTbackup utility in Windows will employ VERITAS backup facility. But realizing the fact that the VERITAS via stored BKF data is also prone to corruption is hard for the user. As the BKF file formed by both the NTbackup and VERITAS will not be restored with any system inbuilt facility.

VERITAS Backup Recovery Software: Need of the Time
The corruption and inaccessibility of the BKF files and unavailability of inbuilt facility to repair corrupted BKF files always disturbs the user, but here is solution that can be utilized for backup recovery, with perfection and comfort. Installing VERITAS backup recovery tool BKF is one option that is proved as a successful solution to get data back from the BKF file that are corrupted. VERITAS backup recovery BKF repair tool should be selected as there are so many tools which carries the label of backup recovery tool, but perform none.

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