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Are you looking for quality circuit breakers? Do you know what makes a breaker good? Siemens breakers are one of the leading brands today. Learn more about Siemens circuit breakers by reading the article below.

Siemens breakers are one of the leading brands of breakers today. Their circuit breakers are designed to be efficient in minimizing the down-time at a lower cost. The amp capacity of Siemens circuit breakers is varied. They have 5000A that comes in many modular designs and certified with global ratings.

The new generation of Siemens circuit breakers consists of thousands of combinations that are based on some components. For instance, the VL molded case circuit breakers and WL power circuit breakers have a wider range of amperage from 125A to 5000A.

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In VL family, the circuit breakers use a compact and modular design that can be configured to fit a wide range of ratings and applications. The VL follows the UL (489), CSA, IEC, CE and NOM standards and they have markings and frame sizes that can handle even up to 16000A.

The Siemens breakers are inspired by the principles of the classic Tangram game. The VL circuit breakers have minimum parts with maximum applications that are common today.

They are for global applications that passed the standards set by most countries. The uniform design for global applications provide the standard solution that you can trust anywhere. The VL Siemens circuit breakers are also site adaptable.

Contractors, designers, and users are able to save time and money on late changes as the units are easy to modify accordingly.

Another feature of Siemens VL breakers is its cost-efficiency. There are two groups of internal accessories for the whole VL family with modular design, thereby reducing the inventory costs while providing more solutions for a less space.

Whether wholesaler, planner, plant operator or switchboard manufacturer, they can benefit from VL’s retrofitting and their compact construction.

In addition, the VL circuit breakers are readily available. You can easily find what you are looking for at your dealer. And because the VL breakers can communicate with the broader distribution system, they can enjoy a variety of protection options. The common system protocols enable them to do so.

On the other hand, Siemens’ WL family of low voltage power circuit breakers and insulated case breakers offer some advantages as well. Among these are reliability, compact size, ease of use, flexibility, modularity, system solutions, and safety.

Siemens’ WL Arc-resistant low voltage switchgear earned the Silver Award in the 21st Annual Product of the Year Competition sponsored by EC and M. The competition is to give honor to new products in the plant engineering markets as well as the products that help manufacturers to operate more safely and efficiently.

In 2009, Siemens’ switchgear is also a category winner in the EC and M Product of the Year Competition. In this competition, products are given honor for showcasing the most inventive and innovative products ensuring electrical professional to do their jobs more effectively and safely as well.

The Siemens breakers especially the WL arc-resistant low voltage switchgear is constructed, designed, and performance-tested to comply with the IEEE C37.20.7-2007 standards. It is the first major manufacturer to provide metal-enclosed switchgear of low voltage complying with the revised IEEE arc-resistant standard.

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