The Best iPad 2 Cases

Posted by:admin Posted on:Jun 27,2011

You’re getting an iPad 2! Great. Now get yourself a case to protect that precious tablet. Here are 42 solid options.

The iPad 2 is here, and it’s firmly establishing Apple’s lead among tablet makers right now. The latest iPad is thinner, lighter and faster than ever, with upgrades across hardware and software. One thing that hasn’t changed, though, is that the iPad is essentially just one giant pane of glass—scratchable, crackable, breakable glass.


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Once you buy an iPad 2, you’re going to want a case to cover it up, and, already, there are plenty of options. Cases typically do at least one of three things: they cover up the iPad’s screen and back so that you can toss it in a bag or backpack without worrying about it, they bend and fold into stands that prop the iPad at angles ideal for typing or watching videos, or they look and feel like a notebook, opening up for easy reading, note-taking and more.

Apple built a set of magnets into the iPad 2, and designed its own case—the iPad Smart Cover—to work with those magnets, and add the screen-protecting and stand functions without adding much bulk to the device at all. In the weeks since the iPad 2 was released, other companies have released cases that mimick that functionality, and even add extra features.

No matter what kind of case you need, there’s a good option for you out there. Hit the slideshow for the best cases designed specifically for the iPad 2—and keep that new tablet safe and sound.


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