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MCTS is a certification awarded by the MCTS Certification Corporation to the individuals who clear the different examinations like Exam 70-680, etc. This certification challenges an individual’s thorough knowledge in the specified field.To clear these exams one must have thorough knowledge in the specific field and with an experience of minimum one year or more in the particular field. The MCTS certification also acts as a criteria to take MCITP(Microsoft Certified IT Professional).

To take the Exam 70-680 TS: Windows 7, Configuring, you must fulfil the following criteria:
1. Minimum of One or more years experience in IT field.
2. Experience in implementation and administration of Windows Operating System(Mainly Windows 7) in a Network environment.


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What is the exam pattern and how to prepare for it?
The exam pattern is as follows, but it varies from time to time.
No. Of questions: 45
Exam Duration: 60 minutes
Passing Score: 700

The MCTS: Windows 7, Configuration will be online and you have to secure a minimum score of 700 to pass it. The maximum mark varies time to time.

Question Type: Most of the questions will be of Multiple choice questions (MCQs). The exam also can contain Multiple choice single answer, Multiple choice multiple answer, Drag and drop & Simulations (optional) type questions.

Drag and drop questions are composed of problems and you have to arrange the different steps in proper order to solve that problem. The simulation type questions are based on practical knowledge. You have to solve a problem in a virtual environment. These two types of question are generally not asked. So don’t worry for these type of questions.

NOTE: All the above information from my knowledge and it does not guarantee the exam pattern will be the same as stated above. The exam pattern may vary from time to time.

How to prepare for MCTS exams like Exam 70-680?
Preparing for these exams is not a problem. There are several websites offering practice tests and sample questions for Exam 70-680 and other MCTS exams, but most of them charge a pretty big fee.

It also provides you the flexibility to choose the number of questions for your practice exam and it also saves all your exam records for tracking for free.

You have to just register at the site. Before taking the free practice test you can get familiar with the subject by browsing the free practice exams for MCTS bank available and preparing.


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